Private LGBT Sailing Guanacaste, Costa Rica

We welcome all LGBT groups and parties on our private catamaran sailing charters

Private LGBT Sailing Charters in Guanacaste

Our private tours can be booked in advance. We serve different regions in Guanacaste, including:





-Las Catalinas


-Playa Hermosa

-El Coco


Our tours include professional, friendly and knowledgeable service staff, and our private charters, although they can be custom designed, include a nice designed script, during which our clients will enjoy visiting a secluded beach, snorkeling around a rocky reef or islet and paddle boarding. ( The later in most cases — Please inquire )

What we offer:

Amazing unique private experiences to remote secluded places, while still enjoying all the services and amenities onboard. All our tours include open bar ( different liquors, beers, sodas, water, cocktails, fruit juice ) as well as custom designed menus. Our basic menu includes light food items such as wraps burritos, chips, dips, Guacamole and fresh fruit. Please request MENU.

While we combine the services required for a pleasant private trip, we also highlight the natural beautiful of Guanacaste. Therefore our trips include snorkeling gear, paddle boards and visiting one of the best beaches in the regions. In case of Papagayo, Playa Huevos or Nacazcolito among others, and in case of Flamingo, Conchal and Tamarindo, we visit beaches like Guacamayita and Playa Amor.

What we do:

We offer three basic private charters, which can be booked with a catamaran , a classic sailboat and also yachts.

Half day tour in the morning

This private tour departs at 8 and will be back by 12. It includes open bar, snorkeling, paddle boarding ( in most cases ) as well as food items and open bar. You get to spend time near a secluded beach.

Private half day tour in the afternoon

The private sunset sailing charter includes open bar, foot items, snorkeling, paddle boarding and visiting a remoter secluded beach. You get to see the sunset from onboard the boat.

Private full day tour

The full day t5our is for those interested in a full day ocean experience, during which you visit a remote secluded beach, enjoy snorkeling around a rocky pinnacle or reef, visit a remote natural unspoiled beach and enjoy the onboard services, which include open bar, light food menu and cocktails. You also get to enjoy a delicious BBQ lunch.

Kasiiya Papagayo – Private sailing charter

Sailing Kasiiya Papagayo

Private catamaran sailboat charters from Kasiiya Papagayo Boutique Hotel

Catamaran Sailing with the Soul

You can now book our private catamaran and sailboat sailing charters with pick up from the beach for clients staying at Kasiiya Papagayo.

We offer different private charter tours, including:

Morning half day charter

The morning tour includes 4 hours of fun and enjoyment of the incredible Guanacaste nature. The charter includes open bar, food items, snorkeling, paddle boarding and visiting a remote secluded beach.

Sunset private charter

The half day sunset tour will give you the chance to observe the sunset from onboard the boat. During the tour, you will snorkel, visit a beautiful pristine secluded beach, paddle board and enjoy the onboard services which include light food and open bar.

Full sail private catamaran sailing tour

The full day private charter departs at 10 AM and returns by 6 pm. During these 8  hours, you will explore a remote secluded beach, a rocky islet or reef to snorkel, paddle boarding and enjoying the beautiful more remote and raw unspoiled parts of the dramatic coast of Guanacaste. A full BBQ lunch is also included. During the tour, services include light food, open bar, snorkeling and paddle boarding.

Kasiiya Papagayo, a fantastic boutique hotel

Simple, rustic but amazingly beautiful and luxurious beach vacations.

Hotel Kasiiya Papagayo is located on the enchanting beach of Playa Matapalito, on the westernmost point of the Punta Gorda Peninsula, in Guanacaste Costa Rica.

This isolated remote and luxurious small boutique hotel offers the guests comfort and amazing services and amenities, and at the same time, it highlights the very essence of Guanacaste. The amazing award winning facility and its 7 unique bungalows blend in perfectly into the tropical dry forest surroundings.

Sailing Charter – Santa Teresa and Mal Pais

Overnight sailing trips from Guanacaste ( Flamingo, Conchal, Tamarindo and Papagayo ) to other destinations in the Nicoya peninsula including Nosara, Samara, Punta Islita, Mal Pais, Santa Teresa, Montezuma and Tambor.

Overnight night 2 day and 3 day sailing charter to Santa Teresa and Mal Pais

If you are looking for a true private sailing charter experience aboard a beautiful catamaran or a classic sailboat, we have several options of multi-day routes that we offer.
Some of the private sailing routes are:

  • Sail from Conchal to Nosara and then Santa Teresa or Mal Pais.
  • Sail from Flamingo to Nosara or Samara and then Santa Teresa or Mal Pais.
  • Private tour from Papagayo to Santa Teresa or Mal Pais with strategic stops in Nosara or Samara.

The multi-day tours on our catamarans or sailboats include first class meals, sleeping for up to 8 people in 4 cabins each with private bathroom and shower and many activities, from water toys to exploring pristine beaches and bays along the way.

Some of the destinations we can visit on the route to Santa Teresa and Mal Pais are:

Nosara: A natural and different region where there is plenty of good surfing, Yoga, nature and although there is hotel development, it is of a more sustainable nature, with smaller hotels. In Nosara there are beautiful beaches.
Isla Rosada: A fantastic virgin island near Playa Garza where snorkeling is great. You can leave the sailboat or catamaran and explore the island with Stand Up Paddle Board.
Other beaches along the way: On the way you pass beautiful natural beaches, some world famous for surfing, including Playa Negra, Playa Real, Playa Minas, Avellanas, Callejones, Marbella, Punta Islita, Barrigona, Barco Quebrado, Hermosa, Coyote and many more.
If you want a unique and unforgettable experience, where you will discover practically the entire coast from North Central Guanacaste to the southernmost part of the Nicoya Peninsula, this tour is ideal.
Some recommended routes:

  • Private 2 day sailing charter tour Flamingo/Conchal/Tamarindo to Nosara and finish in Santa Teresa/Mal Pais.
  • Private 3 day sailing charter tour Flamingo/Conchal/Tamarindo to Nosara and finish in Santa Teresa/Mal Pais.
    Departures for sailing to Santa Teresa / Mal Pais: Flamingo, Conchal, Tamarindo, Papagayo, Las Catalinas

The Nosara – Catamaran Sailboat

Nosara Catamaran Sailboat Charter

The Nosara is a sailing catamaran that operates private tours in the area of Nosara, Guiones, Pelada, Garza, Samara and Punta Islita.

It is a vintage model lovingly refurbished and well maintained. It has two bathrooms and capacity to sleep 6 people, in the case of multi-day tours.

Sailing Nosara

The catamaran has a maximum capacity of 15 people, and only offers private tours. It is anchored in Bahia Garza, a short distance from Nosara, Guiones and Playa Pelada.

It has plenty of deck space, where guests can sunbathe, as well as an indoor lounge, where people can take refuge from the heat or enjoy a nice drink or cocktail prepared right there.

Explore Nosara with a private sailing catamaran tour !

The Nosara is a small catamaran and therefore ideal for exploring the dramatic coastline of Nosara, Samara, Garza and other beaches in the area.

The private catamaran tours offer the best in handcrafted service, from open bar with good quality liquors, sodas, waters and fruit juices. As for food, all the delicious food is prepared fresh on the boat.

The boat also offers snorkeling equipment and paddle boards, which are always used when anchoring near a remote and pristine bay, such as the beautiful Isla Rosada, or some other small secret cove in the area.


Size 30feet

Capacity 15 passengers ( ideal ) comfortably

Pegazo – Flamingo and Tamarindo Sailboat Charter

Classic Saiboat Charter Boat


The Pegazo is a classic sailboat that operates tours for the Tamarindo, Flamingo and Conchal areas. It is a beautiful sailboat with two masts, 52 feet and ample deck space. If you are looking for the true essence of sailing, and at the same time discovering unspoiled and authentic natural sites, we recommend you to get on board!

Sailing Tamarindo
Classic sailboat

Private Sailing Charter experience

The Pegazo is a beautiful 52ft French ketch sailing yacht  available for private charters. The boat is based in Flamingo, Guanacaste, in the North West of Costa Rica. The sailboat has a max capacity of up to 20 people and provides you with everything you need to ensure you have an incredible and memorable day on the water.

Enjoy breathtaking views of the Guanacaste coastline whilst enjoying a fully stocked drinks bar, delicious food and equipment for a range of activities; including snorkeling, fishing and stand up paddle boarding. We can’t wait to welcome you aboard!

We serve the beaches of Flamingo, Conchal and Tamarindo, although since we are anchored in Flamingo, we can also depart from the Marina in case you would preferr this way. Half day morning charters are available daily, from 8 – 12, so are the sunset half day trips frmo 2 – 6 . One spectacular full day adventure is the Full Day Sailing trip, which also includes lunch on a secluded beach.

Private sailing Tamarindo Conchal and Flamingo
Deck space on the ship

Snorkeling and paddle boards are included, and so is a great service staff that will provide and spoil you with heartfelt home made fresh and delicious food.

Private charter
Great food incudued

Come join us for a tour that will take you far away from the touristy beaches. Guanacaste has a lot of secluded coastline, secret spots, beaches, hidden coves and bays that you can visit. Explore the marine wildlife, or simply enjoy a comfortable sailing trip under the blue skies of Guanacaste.

Sailing Charter and private
Great crew and lots of fun


Size 48feet

Capacity 16 passengers ( ideal ) comfortably

Special about it

Pegazo is highly regarded for the onboard service, attention and the fact that clients can explore beautiful secret spots. It is a great boat for those looking for a classic sailing experience.

El Pajaro – El Coco Sailboat Charter

Classic Saiboat Charter Boat in Guanacaste


El Pajaro is a classic remodeled and recently revamped sailboat ideal for smaller groups. The boat and the tour schedule is perfect for those interested in a laid back, easy going and beautiful nature, snorkeling and sailing experience.

Sailboat Guanacaste
The Classic 45 footer is a beautiful sailboat for private charters

The Pajaro  is a 45′ C&L Marine Explorer classic sailboat. The recently remodeled and revamped beauty  comes  with all the sleek and sturdy qualities an ocean charter sailboat needs. It  is equipped with AM/FM radio, Bluetooth, fishing and snorkeling equipment. Snorkeling at beautiful less visited places is definitely a highlight of the tour.  The boat has a capacity of up to 16 people, great for private parties or group tours!

We serve the beaches of El Coco, Playa Hermosa, Ocotal and Playa Panama. The friendly and knowledgeable crew will not only take you to beautiful remote spots, but you will also enjoy ther sailing, onboard service and the ebautiful landscape of the coastline.

Snorkeling and Sailing El Coco
Snorkeling time !

During our custom designed sailing tours, pick clients up from right on the beach. Please indicate at which hotel or beach you are staying when doing a reservation with us.

Private sailing charter
Great service during private sailing trips

Like all other boat, the Pajaro can operate the private tour in the morning, from 8 – 12, the afternoon half day charter from 2 – 6 ( You can watch the sunset from aboard ), and even a Full Day Sailing charter with a full and delicious BBQ lunch included.

Our private tours include open bar, snacks (fruit, chips and salsa, cookies).  All day tour includes a BBQ on the beach.   Chicken or Fish, 3 salads (vegan and gluten free available)  Guided snorkeling, equipment is on the boat.  We also include photos of the tour and music.

Snorkeling Guanacaste
Snorkeling tour during the sailing charter


Size 45feet

Capacity 16 passengers ( ideal ) comfortably

Special about it

Perfect for those in sailing aboard a beautiful classic sailboat. The crew is tremendous, friendly, professional yet fun and knowledgeable. The price of the boat is also very interested.

Espiritu II Catamaran Sailboat

See more photos

Espiritu II is a beautiful and spacious sailboat catamaran, ready to take you to the most amazing places along the Guanacaste coastling.

Sailboat catamaran

The The Espiritu has a max capacity of 25 people, with sufficient deck space at 40 pies in length. The boat also comes with a large complete bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen and frig so store the beverages. The Espiritu also has modern gear and equipment such as radar, bilge pump and sonar.boat is ideal for smaller groups (ideally up to 20 people ) that are interested in a private sailing trip.

The tour includes snorkeling, with a strategic stop at a rocky islet for a great snorkeling session. There you will be able to jump into the warm water and explore the marine wildlife that inhabits beneath the surface.

During our custom designed sailing tours, we will also visit secluded beaches and more remote coastline, where you will be able to discover the beauty of Guanacaste´s more less developed coastal areas.

Choose between the morning 4 hour half day tour, the afternoon 4  hour sunset tour or the amazing full day catamaran sailing tour, where you will additionally enjoy a BBQ lunch servesd on a beautiful natural beach.

Sailing catamaran Papagayo Guanacaste


Size 40feet

Capacity 25 passengers ( ideal ) comfortably

Special about it

Espiritu is not a catamaran, therefore providing our guests with the true sailing experience. Perfect for smaller groups or larger families.

Beneteau 51 Tamarindo Sailing Cahrter

Classic Sailboat Charter – Tamarindo & Conchal


Private Sailing Tamarindo

The Beneteau offers a classic sailing experience along the coast of Tamarindo, Conchal and Flamingo in Guanacaste. Tours incldue snorkeling. The Beneteau is a 51 footer classic sailboat with plenty of deck space and interior amenities.  The boat comes with two bathrooms, interior saloon and back and front deck areas for comfortable and spacious sitting areas.

Sailing Tamarindo Beach
Spacious sitting areas

The service includes fresh fruit ,chips , fresh Guacamole and Pico de Gallo. The drinks are served on an open bar board, with high quality Vodka, Rum, Gin and beer and other. Cocktails can be served upon request.

Private sailboat charter Tamarindo and Conchal
A classic sailboat

The trip includes open ocean sailing, and once at the secluded snorkeling spot, for those who do not wish to do snorkeling, we can take them with our dingue to a secluded beach, a tiny strip of sand where you might spot local wildlife. Footprints of sea turtles are quite common.


Once you return from snorkeling, a real dish is served, which might change between oriental or traditional rice or any other international item . The service on the boat has been cathergorized as extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and profesional. We try and offfer clients the experiencie of exploring the wilder and more natural areas of Guanacaste, away from busy touristy areas. All this while still serving great quality drinks, and food.


Service during sailing tours
Great food is served on board

Size 51 feet

Capacity 20passengers ( ideal ) comfortably

Special about it

The classic sailing experience for those who are staying in Tamarindo, Conchal or Flamingo.

El Marlin Catamaran Sailboat Charter


El Marlin is one of the largest catamaran sailboats in Guanacaste. With a top capacity of 90 passengers, 66 feet in length, the Marlin is definitely one of the best choices for larger groups, private trips and incentive groups. 

Marlin comes with a large outdoor deck, comfortable indoor salon, 4 shower/restrooms, large cabins for overnight adventures, fully equipped kitchen, and comfortable sitting area, as well as chart table with capacity of 10 people. The trips with Marlin del Rey include kayaking, snorkeling, trolling ( fishing ) and delicious food ( snacks, fruit, drinks and natural juices as well as sodas and beer and liquor.


Size 66 feet

Capacity 75 passengers ( ideal ) comfortably

Special about it

One of the largest, most spacious and fastes catamarans in Guanacaste. Recently remodeled and equipped with all necesary safety gear and equipment.

Alma del Pacifico – Soul Pacific


The fantastic catamaran sailboatl is currently one of the most luxurious catamaran sailboats in Guanacaste, serving Hotels for us in the areas comprised between Las
Catalinas ( Hotel Santarena and Casa Chameleon as well as the rental homes), Sugar Beach, Playa Penca and Prieta, potrero, Flamingo, Conchal, Tamarindo, JW Marriott and Avellanas Beaches.

Catamaran sailing

We can offer you the 4 hour morning tour, the private sunset sailing trip from 2 – 6  PM and also the private ¾ of a day 65 hour catamaran sailing adventure and the full day, which goes from 10 – 6 PM.

The trips includecan include a full open Bar and  fresh homemade meals included, as well as snorkeling equipment, fishing rods for trolling or fun-fishing and kayaking
and paddle boards!

Each tour also includesdrinks and food ( request more information about this ). We also offer the overnight  2  days and 1 night overnight sailing adventure.

Sailing Guanacaste

The Soul offer luxurious interiors and comfortable cabins, each with its private bathroom ( toilette and shower ).

So we caneasily explore the Peninsula de Santa Elena, Santa Rosa and Murcielago with this overnight exclusive adventure catamaran sailing tour.

The boat is luxurious, extremely well maintained and spacious, with 4 bedrooms, each with private bathroom and shower, spacious interior saloon with AC and music systema and WIFI, spacious deck space, trampoline and siting area. The boat also offers sufficient shading outside.

Our boat is also equipped with air conditioning, two engines, bluetooth speaker system, full safety gear and more. The tours include snorkelinggear, kayaks, stand up paddle boards, and noodles for floating. Also part of the tour is a 11ft. hard-bottom inflatable outboard motor with no additional fee.