Sailing Secrets Papagayo

Secrets Papagayo Sailing Charters – Guanacaste Costa Rica

Secrets Papagayo is conveniently located in the Gulf of Papagayo and the southern part of the Papagayo Peninsula.

It is located in an area with very calm waters and beautiful natural scenery around it, thereby being a great place from where we can pick you up for a private sailing charters of catamaran tour.

Morning Tour

Secrets Papagayo is conveniently located inside Bahia Culebra, Gulf of Papagayo, where the water is calm and the coast is protected from waves and storms.

The morning half day sailing charter will pick you up early in the morning, normally at 8 am.

After leaving the Gulf of Papagayo, hopefully at full speed with powerful winds, we will head to a rocky island or secret islet where we will jump into the water and discover the secrets of the marine wildlife ( colorful fish and marine creatures await ).

The second part of the tour is spending time on a secluded beach, normally we have a selection of several ones.

On the beach, you will have time to enjoy snorkeling, swimming, relaxing, playing on the beach or do stand-up paddling and ocean kayaking ( included in case of some of the boats )

The tour includes drinks, fruit, snacks, chips, snorkeling gear and water. Return to the beach is estimated at 12 .

Sunset Tour

The Afternoon-Evening Sunset Tour includes everything the morning tour includes. The main difference is the departure and return time.

The sunset sailing tour departs at 2 PM and returns by 6 PM.

The highlight of the tour is the fact that upon returning to the hotel at around 6 PM you will enjoy the amazing sunset from the ocean onboard the vessel while enjoying a delicious drink or cocktail.

The tour likewise includes snorkeling, spending time on a secluded beach somewhere, and in case of some of the boats ( stand up paddle boards and ocean kayaking ).

Full Day Sunset Sailing

If you really wish to go away for the day, and leave the commercial Guanacaste coastline behind, the full day adventure is the best tour for people that wish to really have a view of what the original Guanacaste province coastline offers.

The tour departs at 10 AM, and the crew and boat will pick you up at 10 AM right in front of the hotel. After sailing off into the deep blue ocean, the service will begin to pamper you.

Limitless drinks, fruit, fresh fruit juice, snacks and beers are included. Snorkeling is included also.

The crew will help you jump into the water, where a wonderful world of tropical coral fish awaits.

Other wildlife species you might encounter include turtles, humpback whales, fish, dolphins and birds are quite common.

Once snorkeling is done, a stop is included at a wonderful secluded beach, where you will have enough time to enjoy the sand, the tropical nature and the silence surrounding you.

Snorkeling, and in case of some boats ( stand up addling and kayaks are also included in the tour ).

After enjoying the delicious lunch on the beach, you will head back to the hotel and arrive at around 6 PM.


Snorkeling gear, fishing rods, drinks ( alcoholic beverages and liquors, beersm, sodas, juice, water ), snacks ( chips and dips, sandwiches, other snacks, fresh cut fruit ), free use of kayaks or paddle boards ( please inquire before !!!! )

The full day private tour also includes a full BBQ LUNCH on a secluded beach. Depending on the boat, it also includes Chicken Brochettes, Rice Salad, even Shrimps.


Daily departures. Please advise a few days in advance the latest. During the High Season advanced reservations are suggested ( not required )

Morning Departure:

8 – 12 Noon

Sunset Sailing:

 2 – 6 PM

Full Day:

10 – 6 PM

Sailing Secrets Papagayo

Located inside of the Culebra Bay, in Papagayo, Secrets Papagayo is an all inclusive beach resort offering amazing ocean views, several restaurants, swimming pools and a long list of activities and tours.

Our morning half day charters, sunset private tours and full day sailing trips include pick up right on the beach located in front of the hotel.

Secrets Papagayo beach