Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica

Guanacaste is the North Western province of Costa Rica and home to the nicest beaches, tropical dry forests, volcanoes and national parks.

Guanacaste Costa Rica
Guanacaste Costa Rica has the best Sunsets in the Pacific

Guanacaste is the largest province in Costa Rica. It goes from the border with Nicaragua to the Southern Part of the Nicoya Peninsula. Also, to the East it includes the entire Guanacaste Mountain Range and part of the Tilaran Mountain Range.

Therefore, you will encounter an impressive amount of diverse climate regions, flora and fauna and habitats that goes from the tropical dry forests to the cloud forests in the higher altitudes.

Guanacaste is also known for having the largest portions of tropical dry forests and a dramatic, interesting and rugged coastline, where you will find hundreds of beaches. Beaches go from touristy and developed to secluded, pristine and remote, from black sanded to light brownish – white sanded. National Parks and Nature Reserves are we equally abundant.

Guanacaste Catamaran Sailing Charters
The Pacific Ocean along the coast of the province of Guanacaste in Costa Rica

A region with national parks, volcanos and beaches

Our overnight sailing tour wil take you to the famous Murcielago Islands and the Santa Rosa National Park. Some of the main highlights in that region include Witchs Rock and Santa Rosa National Park, the Murcielago Sector and the Santa Elena Sector of the Santa Elena Peninsula, the Respingue Lagoon, the high remote mountains, Bahia Santa Elena, Ollies Point, Playa Blanca Beach, Potrero Grande. Further North, you will find Bahia Junquillal, which is a fantastic small nature reserve with tropical forests and secluded pristine beaches.

Guanacaste Map
Papagayo and the Northern Guanacaste Coast.

Guanacaste has several national parks that protect wetlands, tropical dry forests, volcanoes and rivers. Several regions along the coast, especially the very northernmost Guanacaste coast are also protected. The Guanacaste Conservation Area is one of the largest conservation regions in Costa Rica, going from the Murcielago Islands, across the Volcanic Mountain Range to the Caribbean plains.