El Surf-ari


Surf-ari is a beautiful sailing boat with capacity for 8 people. It is a classic 42-foot monohull sailboat built in 1972.

However, in 2010 it was remodeled and refurbished.

Nowadays it is used to do catamaran tours to watch sunsets (  4  hours ); the morning trip ( 8 – 12  ) a full day adventure from 10  6  pm, do some surfing tours and a  2-day sailing adventure.

The interior of the boat has a bathroom and sink, as well as a living room with living tables, kitchen and refrigerator.

The favorite place however is always the cover, which is spacious if the number of people does not exceed 8-10 people.


Size 42 feet

Capacity 8passengers ( ideal ) comfortably

Special about it

Mono Hull and very personalizaed tours in the northernmost region of Guanacaste near Dreams Las Mareas.