MTRESS is a custom built ( 2013 ) catamaran sailboat with a total length of 65 feet and a total capacity of 60 passengers.

Enjoy kayaking, snorkeling around rocky pinnacles, swimming near secluded beaches, sunbathing or simply relaxing.

The boat has wide open outside deck areas, plenty of comfortable seating areas, a large and comfortable indoor salon, two restrooms and showers, snorkeling platform and a full equipped kitchen, where the staff will prepare snacks, fruits, or lunch for longer full day trips.

Beer, alcoholic beverages and natural fruit juice is all included. Sail along the scenic coastline in Guanacaste, accompanied by the friendly, knowledgeable and skilled staff onboard the M Tres.


Size 65 feet

Capacity 75 passengers ( ideal ) comfortably

Special about it

Marlin Tres is a large medium catamaran sailboat, recently built, well know for the speed and comfort for all guests that are aon board.