Sailing Six Senses Papagayo

Come join us for the Six Senses Papagayo private sailing tour !!! If you are staying at the Six Senses Papagayo, in Guanacaste, you can book a private Sailing charter with our company. The tour includes direct beach landing for a comfortable and  convenient pick up from right on the beach without the need of land transport to a dock or pier.

Sailing Six Senses Papagayo

The Six Senses Papagayo is located inside Bahia Culebra, in the heart of the Peninsula Papagayo region, world famous for hosting some of the best beach resorts and luxury beach hotels. The calm waters of the gulf and the fantastic scenery and beautiful beaches in the region create the perfect framework for an unforgettable beach vacation in Guanacaste.

Half Day sailing tour

The 4 hour half day morning sailing tour starts at 8 AM ( Might be flexible ) and returns by 12 md. The tour consists of meeting on the beach, departing to the open ocean and sailing along the coast. After around 2 hours, the tour will stop at a smartly chosen secluded location where the clients will enjoy snorkeling amid tropical coral fish, eels, rays and other wildlife species that live in the warm tropical waters of the North Pacific. The boat also carries paddle boards and kayaks ( please request in advance ). Time will be spend anchored for the enjoyment of exploring rocky pinnacles, small hidden beaches and quality time enjoying a swim in the ocean. All tours include limitless drinks ( Gin, beer, vodka, rum, whiskey ) as well as fruit juice, sodas, water. Snacks and food is included as well. Please remember you can indicate in advance what the preferred activity might be ( snorkeling, beach, sailing ) so we can design the tour accordingly.

Six Senses Sunset sailing tour

Sailing Six Senses Papagayo
Sunset Sailing from Six Senses

The sunset sailing tour is basically a replica of the 4 hour morning tour, with the only difference of timing and the fact that the sunset tour includes being able to see the majestic colors of the sunset from the boat while sailing back to the hotel.  The sunset sail tour is one of the preferred sailing trips for tourists at Six Senses, especially for a romantic coupe, a group of friends or those who do not wish to wake up that early.

Full Day Sailing

The full day sailing tour departs at  9 or 10  and returns by 6 PM. This full day adventure sailing expeditions is definitely the epitome of sailing trips. It will take you away for a whole day, and during the time you will enjoy of fantastic scenery, silence, blue skies, the caress of wind while sailing along the coast amid the blue Pacific ocean.

Activities included: Beach time, Snorkeling, Paddle boarding or kayaking.

You will also enjoy a delicious BBQ lunch on a secluded beach.

Beneteau 51 Tamarindo Sailing Cahrter

Classic Sailboat Charter – Tamarindo & Conchal


Private Sailing Tamarindo

The Beneteau offers a classic sailing experience along the coast of Tamarindo, Conchal and Flamingo in Guanacaste. Tours incldue snorkeling. The Beneteau is a 51 footer classic sailboat with plenty of deck space and interior amenities.  The boat comes with two bathrooms, interior saloon and back and front deck areas for comfortable and spacious sitting areas.

Sailing Tamarindo Beach
Spacious sitting areas

The service includes fresh fruit ,chips , fresh Guacamole and Pico de Gallo. The drinks are served on an open bar board, with high quality Vodka, Rum, Gin and beer and other. Cocktails can be served upon request.

Private sailboat charter Tamarindo and Conchal
A classic sailboat

The trip includes open ocean sailing, and once at the secluded snorkeling spot, for those who do not wish to do snorkeling, we can take them with our dingue to a secluded beach, a tiny strip of sand where you might spot local wildlife. Footprints of sea turtles are quite common.


Once you return from snorkeling, a real dish is served, which might change between oriental or traditional rice or any other international item . The service on the boat has been cathergorized as extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and profesional. We try and offfer clients the experiencie of exploring the wilder and more natural areas of Guanacaste, away from busy touristy areas. All this while still serving great quality drinks, and food.


Service during sailing tours
Great food is served on board

Size 51 feet

Capacity 20passengers ( ideal ) comfortably

Special about it

The classic sailing experience for those who are staying in Tamarindo, Conchal or Flamingo.

Snorkeling in Papagayo and Guanacaste

Best snorkeling sites and snorkel tours

Our private boat tours are ideal for families. With pick-up included directly on the beach in front of the hotel, this 4, 6 or 8 hour tour is ideal for a family or a group of friends who want to do a little of everything, or want a custom trip, like a boat rental with captain.

Snorkeling near Papagayo Guanacaste
Amazing natural beauty of Guanacaste

A calm sea with crystal clear waters is the ideal environment for snorkeling. Guanacaste has a lot of that. You can choose from several sites, those near the beach and with the option to draw your own routes or take a boat and get offshore to enjoy life under the sea. There are rocky reefs and islets pretty much all along the coast between Papagayo and Samara, so if the conditions are good (currents, rain and river mouths and sediments as well as winds), any place in Guanacaste can be equally good.

In some cases, it is not necessary to even leave the coast for a good snorkeling session, you can simply explore the rocky reefs normally at each end of the beach. However, in other cases, or in case you would like to participate in a real snorkeling tour to amazing sites, taking a tour with a guide and boat is the best option. One good options is the private half day Snorkeling Tour. The tour includes a private speedboat, snorkeling gear, even some fishing rods and drinks and a captain and guide at your service for 4 – 5 hours.

Rocky islets and reefs for great snorkeling in Guanacaste
Emerald green waters during a sunny day

How is snorkeling in Guanacaste ?

While the visibility might not be as impressive as along the Caribbean, this is compensated by the fact that the species of fish is quite impressive. And not only fish will be seen, but also other creatures, including rays, eels, sea turtles, and interesting mollusks, corals and a dramatic rocky seafloor, product of the countries dramatic formation, created by powerful tectonic movement and volcanic activity.  Caves, caverns and meandering sandy underwater ways are quite abundant.

Murcielago Island, more a dive destination, is among the three best places in Costa Rica

Snorkeling in Papagayo

Near Papagayo for instance, the famous spots such as Monkey´s Head, Catalina Islands, Isla Huevos are among the top snorkeling sites. Many other spots are available, and the guide will usually decide a day in advance which place will be best, including important factors such as visibility and currents.

Further south, there are also several great snorkeling spots, and there is no main difference between Papagayo, Flamingo, Conchal, Tamarindo, JW Marriott and even as far south as Nosara and Samara, since this part of the Guanacaste coast is similar, meaning it is more about smaller beaches interrupted by rocky reefs, a msut condition for snorkeling. Further South of Samara, until Santa Teresa and Mal Pais, the conditions tend to be less good, since longer and very sandy beaches are more abundant, which does not permit good visibility.

Explore the marine species

Popular snorkeling beaches South of Papagayo

1. San Juanillo: It is the best in the area to see the rich marine life. You can swim out to see the tiny blue and yellow fish, stars and sea urchins. San Juanillo is located on the west coast and the closest towns are Marbella to the north and Ostional, Nosara and Garza to the south. It is located 17 kilometers from Playa Guiones.

2. Chora Island: It is almost 1.3 kilometers from Sámara. To get there you must travel by kayak or hire a boat to transport yourself. Tours to the island are around $ 40 per person. Take into account that it is better to visit the island at low tide and to snorkel the experts recommend doing it during the dry season, because in the rainy season the waters become cloudy after heavy rainfall. The island has a quiet white sand beach where the water is calm and another part more rocky and with bigger waves.

3. Ocotal: It is located 40 km south of the city of Liberia, a few minutes from Playas del Coco. Its soft waves make it ideal for swimming, snorkeling, diving or just resting. The beach is surrounded by dry forest and protected by hills and rock formations.

4. Conchal: It is one of the best known beaches in the province. It has crystal clear turquoise waters, which make it the perfect place for swimming and snorkeling. Near the coast you can find a variety of marine life and swim with multicolored fish.

5. Nacascolo: It is located in the canton of Liberia in the Gulf of Papagayo. It has white sand, blue and crystalline waters. It has shade along its entire coast because it is surrounded by a lot of vegetation.

The best beaches in Guanacaste and Papagayo

List of the most beautiful beaches in Guanacaste and Papagayo Peninsula

Which are the nicest beaches in Guanacaste, the most pristine and breathtaking beautiful beaches in Papagayo ? The province of Guanacaste as well as the Papagagyo Peninsula and Bahia Culebra ( name of the narrow Golf inside the Papagayo Gulf ) and the regions South, near Tamarindo, Samara and Nosara have some really amazing beaches.

San Juanillo is quite impressive and unspoiled beach in Guanacaste
Beautiful San Juanillo

Of course, the famous names of Tamarindo, Conchal, Avellanas and Flamingo are the most popular ones, since they have had more development and tourism and residential activity over the past decades, but they are not necessarily the most beautiful ones.

Flamingo Beach Guanacaste
Flamingo Beach is popular and has been for decades

Commencing in the northernmost of Guanacaste, beaches that are quite spectacular, remote and unspoiled include Bahia Santa Elena, near Cuajiniquil, and Playa Blanca, perhaps the most amazing of all beaches in Costa Rica. It is located inside the Murcielago Sector of Santa Rosa National Park. A bit further South but still inside the Santa Rosa National Park is Playa Naranjo, a long, wild and jaw dropping beaches that is surrounded by only tropical dry forests. The Santa Rosa National Park, besides being vast and remote, is also of great importance since it is where the largest Jaguar population lives. It is also important since it protects the largest portions of tropical dry forests in Central America, and a haven for sea turtles and other wildlife species.

Top beaches in Papagayo

Further South, near Papagayo and El Coco, the top beaches include Playa Huevos, on the westernmost part of the Papagayo Peninsula and Playa Nacazcolito. Playa Virador and Playa Blanca, also within the Papagayo area, are also of great beauty. These beaches can be visited ( if requested in advance ) during our half day and full day sailing trip.

Playa Naranjo in Guanacaste
Playa Naranjo or Witchs Rock

Even further South, towards el Coco, the enchanting beaches of Guacamaya, Guacamayita, Dantitas, Danta and Matapalito and Playa Blanca de Matapalo are also of amazing beauty. Remember all these beautiful beaches are remote and undeveloped, with the excepcion of Playa Danta. This contributes to the natural beauty even more.

Pristine beaches near Tamarindo and Conchal

Going towards the southern part of the Nicoya Peninsula, towards Samara and Nosara, some popular and beautiful beaches include Playa Conchal and Flamingo ( both highly developed ), Playa Ventanas, Playa Minas and Playa Real. The three later are small but highly beautiful.

Playa Huevos and Isla Huevos
Playa Huevos and Isla Huevos, very near of Papagayo and a destination during our tours.

Passing further South of Tamarindo,  one can find Playa Avellanas, which is a long sandy beaches, great for surgfing, of great beauty, with abundant nature and small scale development.

Finally, reaching Nosara and Samara, the top to beaches in the area and perhaps among the top 3 in all of the Costa Rican Pacific, are Playa Barrigona and Playa San Juanillo. Both are undeveloped, and present amazing white sand, incredible nature and scenery.

Sailing in Costa Rica

Full day Private Sailing Tour

Sailboat Tours in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is bathed by the two largest oceans in the world, and the coast on both coasts stretches for hundreds of kilometers.  While the Caribbean Coast offers endless kilometers of sandy beaches that go from ‘Cahuita until Barra de Colorado, only interrupted by rivers and estuaries, the Pacific Coast is perhaps much more intriguing, abrupt and interesting as far as geography and topography is concerned.

Snorkeling and sailing

Sailboat tours and private charters

The entire coast from the South Pacific to the North Pacific has hundreds of small beaches, long sandy beaches, hidden coves, rocky pinnacles and long and dramatic rock formations, curves, peninsulas and islets all along its course. Because of that, it offers a much more interesting and perhaps more beautiful scenery, especially for those looking for sailing and boat tours in general.

Because of that, there are several sailboats and catamaran sailboats that operate half day and full day tours, on a daily basis, from short  4  hour charters to full day trips that go from 10 am until 6 PM. In some areas, visitors can even book overnight tours, and sailing trips combining sailing and snorkeling or scuba diving. These tours can be done on a regular basis, meaning clients go on a sailboat and share the tour with other tourists, but it is the private sailing tours that are more enjoyable, since it is more intimate, and activities can be enjoyed according to custom designed interests.

Where should I go for the best sailing tours

Sailing in Guanacaste

Definitely the best regions in Costa Rica for sailing ( monohull ) and catamaran sailing is the North Pacific in the province of Guanacaste, specifically between Papagayo and Tamarindo. There are several boats available in this region, and it is also the part of the coast along the Pacific that offers the most enchanting beaches and the most diverse and interesting landscapes, with many islands, islets, rocks, hidden secluded beaches and snorkeling and scuba diving spot.

Specifically, the area near El Coco, Ocotal and Papagayo offers some great tours, during which the client will be able to enjoy the rocky islets near Papagayo, the secluded beaches between Ocotal and Playa Danta and the amazing beaches North of Papagayo, specifically Playa Huevos and Nacazclito.

Another are from where you can enjoy sailing is further south, in the area between Las Catalinas and Sugar Beach, including Potrero, Flamingo, Conchal and Tamarindo until Playa Langosta.

Sailing in Manuel Antonio

Sailing from Manuel Antonio
Beautiful Espadilla Beach in Manuel Antonio

Further South, in Manuel Antonio, you can also enjoy morning sailing tours and afternoon sunset sailing trip. Although Manuel Antonio is a much smaller region that can be explored by boat, it also offers this interesting and beautiful coastline, with several snorkeling sites and enchanting quiet beaches.

Different sailing tours available

Basically, there are 4 different tours that can be booked.

  • The four hour morning tour departs at 8 AM and returns by 12 noon. The tours include drinks, juice, water, fruits, snacks, chips, dips, burritos and beers. As far as activities, the tours include snorkeling gear for the paces during the tour where clients can go snorkeling ), stand up paddles and ocean kayaks. Clients can also fish while sailing. During the morning tour with luck the clients might encounter sea turtles, dolphins, even whales during the whale seasons. The tours also include sailing on open ocean, and a stop at a secluded pristine beach, where people disembark and enjoy time on the beach.
  • The Sunset Tour ( 4 hours ) departs at 2 PM and returns by 6 PM. Like the morning tour, it includes sufficient food and drinks for a pleasant tour, and snorkeling and the same water activities are also included.- The sunset tour is normally more expensive since people wish to see the colors of the sunset from onboard the sailboat or catamaran.
  • The full day sailing tour departs at 10 AM and returns by 6 PM. This full day tour includes it all. Limitless drinks, beer, spirits, national alcoholic drinks, fruit, fruit juice, water, sodas, snacks during the tour and also a full BBQ lunch on a secluded beach, which is prepared while clients enjoy relaxing or swimming in the water. The Full Day sailing tour also includes sufficient snorkeling time, near a specific islet or rock formation, plenty of time on a virgin beach, time to enjoy the sun, sand and the ocean, stand up paddle boards and ocean kayaks.
  • The overnight sailing trips are a bit harder to organize, but we can do it easily if we know in advance. These tours are often combined with diving. One overnight trip for example which is quite pricy but extremely popular among divers and people that have enough budget to afford it is the overnight Murcielago Island sailing and scuba diving tour. Besides including this incredible sailing and exploration adventure, it includes 3 tanks per day ( 6 in total ) of the best scuba diving Costa Rica has to offer, at the Murcielago Islands. The Murcielago Islands are part of the Santa Rosa National Park and offer great visibility.  The full day sailing adventure also includes 3 full meals, starting with a delicious lunch served onaboard the vessel, also dinner, full breakfasts and delicious lunch on the way back.

Choose between Monohull or Catamaran


There are two types of sailboats available, the classic monohull, which is the shape that fanatics describe as the real sailing adventure and the catamarans, which are equally sailboats but offer more space to enjoy comfortable onboard time. The catamarans, because of the net or trampoline in front, and three times the deck space can carry more people, and offer more space onboard. Among the two types there also important differences. There are those sailboats, regardless of whether catamaran or monohull that are larger ( 15 METERS PLUS ) and therefore have a large ac saloon, up to four bathrooms and 4 bedrooms, and there are the more humble sailboats, smaller, which normally offer shaded scape and one bathroom onboard. According to the size and quality of the boat, so is the price.

Sailing Occidental Papagayo

Occidental Papagayo is located at the beginning of Bahia Culebra, on the Gulf and the Papagayo Peninsula. Sailing in Papagayo is one of the best activities because of the perecet weather conditions the region offers, with calm waters and good but gentle winds. It is an all-inclusive hotel located in front of the sea and with panoramic views.

The Occidental is perfect to highlight a sailing trip either by catamaran or monohull, since the calm waters of the hotel make it possible for customers to be picked up directly from the beach. From the hotel we offer private tours, for individuals, small groups or large groups, from groups of friends to incentives. Our catamarans and sailboats come in various sizes with different capacities.

All the tours include: Snorkeling, foods and drinks, and some swailboats come with catamarans and stand up paddles. Request more info.

Our trips are a great experience for families, incetive groups, retreats and a group of friends or couples . We can custom design the private sailing charters.

Morning sailing tour

The morning tour starts at 8 am from the hotel. Customers are picked up directly from the hotel beach in an inflatable boat and transported to the catamaran or sailboat. Once on board, the tour begins, and first we will sail towards open waters, enjoying the blue sky, the sea, and panoramic views of the coast. The tour includes a strategic stop on a rocky island, or some secret reef, places suitable for snorkeling, one of the preferred activities. The boat has excellent snorkeling equipment. Some boats include SUP and KAYAKS, but it is recommended to indicate this at the time of booking. You will also visit a remote beach, away from the tourist area, where you can swim in the calm and warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. The tour includes fruits, snacks (in some cases chicken, burritos and in some cases chips and dips – please consult). also fruit, fruit juices, national alcoholic beverages, beer, sodas, water. At 12 you will be returning to the hotel.

Private sailing charters

Private Sunset Sailing Tour

The sunset sailing tour includes everything that includes the morning tour. The main difference is that you can see the beautiful sunset from aboard the sailboat. The sunset tour departs at 2 pm and returns at 2 pm. The tour includes snorkeling, sailing, and in case of some boats, not all, also includes SUP Stand Up Paddle Boards and Ocean Kayaks. It is a very fun trip that will show you the beauties of the coast of the beautiful province of Guanacaste. Our trips are all oriented to perfectly combine comfort and good service on board with the exploration of the beautiful nature of the coast of Papagayo and Guanacaste.

Private Full Day Sailing Tour

The private full-day tour is a tour for those who wish to get away from the tourist area and enter a 10-hour expedition to admire the scenic and natural beauty of Guanacaste. This trip includes sailing in the open sea, snorkeling On some rocky reef or island, visit a remote and pristine beach, without development, where an additional barbecue will take place on the beach. The trip, like the half-day tours, includes unlimited alcoholic beverages (beer, rum, vodka, gin, whiskey, wine) all from national brands, although you can request the UPGRADE package. Additionally, the on-board service includes fruits, snacks, chips, dips, burritos.

Full day sailing

The tour schedule is 10AM and you return to the hotel beach at 6 PM, so you can enjoy the sunset from aboard the sailboat while enjoying a cocktail or natural drinks. The perfect tour for clients in Occidental Papagayo.

Tour details

  • PLEASE INDICATE THE NAME OF THE HOTEL or BEACH you wold like to get picked up since RATES and DETAILS change a little bit depending on that information.
  • Snorkeling gear, drinks ( alcoholic beverages and liquors, beersm, sodas, juice, water), snacks ( chips and dips, sandwiches, other snacks, fresh cut fruit ), free use of kayaks or paddle boards ( please inquire before !!!! ) The full day private tour also includes a full BBQ LUNCH on a secluded beach. Depending on the boat, it also includes Chicken Brochettes, Rice Salad, even Shrimps.
  • Daily departures. Please advice a few days in advance the latest. During the High Season advanced reservations are suggested ( not required )
  • Morning Departure: 8 – 12 Noon
  • Sunset Sailing: 2 – 6 PM
  • Full Day: 10 – 6 PM

El Marlin Catamaran Sailboat Charter


El Marlin is one of the largest catamaran sailboats in Guanacaste. With a top capacity of 90 passengers, 66 feet in length, the Marlin is definitely one of the best choices for larger groups, private trips and incentive groups. 

Marlin comes with a large outdoor deck, comfortable indoor salon, 4 shower/restrooms, large cabins for overnight adventures, fully equipped kitchen, and comfortable sitting area, as well as chart table with capacity of 10 people. The trips with Marlin del Rey include kayaking, snorkeling, trolling ( fishing ) and delicious food ( snacks, fruit, drinks and natural juices as well as sodas and beer and liquor.


Size 66 feet

Capacity 75 passengers ( ideal ) comfortably

Special about it

One of the largest, most spacious and fastes catamarans in Guanacaste. Recently remodeled and equipped with all necesary safety gear and equipment.