Guanacaste transportation – Sailing Guanacaste


Transfers from Hotels and Beaches in Guanacaste

We can also offer round trip transportation options from hotels and beaches to the pier, in cae this is needed.

In most cases, where hotels are located on or near the beach, we can pick up clients directly in front of the hotel.

This makes the experience even better, as it makes the private tour take on the feel almost like a private sailing expedition in the waters of Guanacaste.

The hotels and beaches where we pick up clients directly in front of the hotel with our sailboat or catamaran include:


This includes the Papagayo Peninsula and Culebra Bay.

( Four Seasons, Exlusive Resorts, rental villas, residences, Andaz Papagayo Resort, Hilton Papagayo, Secrets Papagayo, Planet Hollywood Papagayo, Occidental, El Mangroove, Playa Panama, Virador, Playa Blanca, Casa Conde del Mar and more )

– Playa Panama
Playa Hermosa
El Coco
Bahia Pez Vela
Riu Palace
Riu Guanacaste

There are areas, where due to the beach conditions (waves, reefs) it is not possible to board directly from the hotel or the beach, we can offer round trip transportation from the hotel to the nearest dock, this assuming that the clients do not have transportation.
At most piers we have parking in case clients arrive with a rental car.

Transportation Guanacaste

The docks and beaches where we cannot pick up directly include the following:

Dreams Las Mareas

In the case of Dreams Las Mareas, clients need to get to El Coco, approximately 1.45 hours drive.

We can arrange transportation for clients, should they require it.

JW Marriott
Hacienda Pinilla

Guanacaste weather and climate – Sailing Guanacaste

Guanacaste weather forecast and cimate information

Guanacaste is known for being the province with the best weather and climate in Costa Rica, being dry and windy during most of the year.

This fantastic weather and climate means that from the month of December, including January, February, February, March, April and even half of May, there is very little rain, which most visitors to the region enjoy.

Guanacaste weather

From the end of May, the transition from the dry season to the rainy season begins, and it may be that during the afternoon hours, there is some rainfall.

As we move towards the month of July, the rains may increase, although in the same month of July there is again a mini dry season, which coincides with the vacations.

August and September, even though they are months that are part of the rainy season, are still months with excellent weather. REMEMBER: Even during the rainy season there is not rain every day, and if there is rain, it is brief showers or precipitation during the afternoon hours.

Climate and weather in Guanacaste

Weather forecasts in Guanacaste

In addition, the climate and weather forecasts are quite inaccurate, since the cloud cells with rain loads in Guanacaste are smaller, which means that it may rain in one area, but in another, very close, there is no rainfall and the climate and weather are fabulous.

The months of October and November usually have more rain than normal, but even so, it does not mean that there is rain every day, and anyway, the climate and weather is changing and the forecasts, as before, tend to be more and more inaccurate.

Weather forecast

Sailing in the rain

All our catamarans and sailboats have a large saloon inside, as well as bedrooms and bathrooms, which provide shelter in case it rains during the private tour.

Our captains of all moodoso will never set sail in case of a storm. Of course, all our catamarans are equipped with all the safety regulations such as life jackets, extra dinghy, radio and other communication systems.

It is very common that clients even enjoy the rain, as long as it is short, and since the temperature does not drop, it is a nice thing to do.

Our tours focus on making the most of nature, swimming, snorkeling and paddle boarding, as well as swimming in the sea.

So come on, the weather is sure to be fantastic when you come sailing with us.

Best Guanacaste sailing regions – Sailing Guanacaste

The best regions in Guanacaste for Sailing

Guanacaste is undoubtedly the best region for private catamaran sailing charters.
However, Guanacaste is a wide and scenic region, and each region has its own attractions.
The following are some of the best regions in Guanacaste for sailing catamaran sailing.

Best sailing in Guanacaste Costa Rica


The Papagayo Peninsula and the Gulf of Papagayo are perhaps the best region for sailing along the coast, where calm waters, bays, coves and remote pristine beaches abound.

It is an ideal place for snorkeling, paddle boarding and swimming in the sea, on pristine beaches and clear waters, ideal for seeing plenty of reef fish.

The beaches where we pick up in Peninsula Papagayo and Papagayo include Playa Virador, Playa Blanca, Playa Panama, Playa Hermosa, El Coco, Ocotal, Riu as well as all the beaches of Peninsula Papagayo and the Gulf of Papagayo.

Sailing Guanacaste
Conchal – Flamingo – Las Catalinas

In the area of Playa Potrero, Flamingo, Las Catalinas and Conchal there is another ideal area for private catamaran sailing. This area is ideal for exploring the southern area of Cabo Velas, Guanacaste, where there are several remote, pristine and natural beaches such as Playa Guacamaya, Guacamayita, Dantsas and Dantita, where clients can also go snorkeling, paddle boarding and swimming in the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean of Guanacaste.

Tamarindo – Langosta – JW Marriott & Hacienda Pinillla

In the case of Tamarindo and the beaches further south, where boarding is complicated or impossible, we can offer our private sailing catamaran charters but departing from Flamingo, which is much more comfortable, practical, safe and even possible, since the beaches mentioned, do not present ideal conditions for boarding the catamaran, sailboat and yacht.

Sailing secluded beaches Guanacaste
In the case of these areas, we can offer land transfers in case the clients do not have their own transportation.

Transportation – Sailing Guanacaste

Transportation for sailing Trips in Guanacaste

In most cases of hotels, which are close to the sea, we can pick you up directly on the beach in front of the hotel.

Transportation Sailing Guanacaste
This makes the experience even better, because it offers an expedition experience, where with our catamaran we pick you up directly in front of your hotel or rental house, without the need of transportation to another location, such as a dock.

Transportation for hotels far from the beachTransportation private sailing charters
In the case of hotels or rental houses and villas located far from the beach or the sea, we offer transportation from your location directly to the embarkation point.

We have several transportation units, from minivans that can transport up to 10 people to the port of embarkation, and we also have small buses and large buses in the case of a large group.
The prices of the transfers vary depending on the number of people in the group, however, we have units that go up to 10 people, after that transportation units that go up to 22 people and from there on, units that go up to 50 people.

Some of the hotels where we can pick you up directly at the beach include:

– Papagayo
– Playan Panama
– El Coco
– Ocotal
– Hermosa Beach
– Riu Palace
– Riu Guanacaste
– Flamingo

In the case of hotels and villas or rental houses located further away from the beach, the client has to arrange ground transportation to the beach, however, in the case of very distant destinations, we can provide transportation, assuming that the client does not have his own transportation.

Guanacaste Catamaran Sailing

The sites that require transportation to the beach are:

– JW Marriott
– Hacienda Pinilla
– Dreams Las Mareas

For all other areas, we recommend that you arrange your own transportation or consult us.

In the case of hotels located 15 minutes maximum from the beach, often the concierge can arrange transportation, or if you require our transportation service, please let us know.

List of the hotels and beaches we pick clients up directly

ElMitch Sailboat – Sailing Guanacaste

Sailboat for private charters in the Papagayo Area

The boat is a 35 feet humter, with a capacity of up to 6 persons.

This smaller monohull sailboat is ideal for trips in case of couples, and up to six peopl who preferr sailing with a classic monohull sailboat.

The trips include drinks ( beer and wine ) as well as snorkeling and delicious meals served onboard.


Guanacaste sailing, snorkeling, paddle boarding – Sailing Guanacaste

Sailing , snorkeling and paddle boarding – Guanacaste Sailing

Guanacaste sailing in Costa Rica

Join our private sailing trip including sailing, snorkeling, paddle boarding and visiting a beautiful secluded beach

Our private sailing charters in Guanacaste combine several additional activities, among them:

– Snorkeling on a rocky reef or islets in a remote location.

– Paddle boarding (To be used while staying at a beach or near a remote and pristine area)

– Trolling fishing, while the catamaran sails along the coast of Guanacaste.

– Open bar with drinks, cocktails and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages during the whole tour.

– Visit a remote, desolate, virgin, pristine and beautifully natural beach.

– Listen to your own music throughout the private tour

Sunset sailing

Hotels in Guanacaste we serve:

Guanacaste Private Catamaran Sailing Charters: Discover Secluded Beaches, Snorkeling and Paddle Boarding With an Open Bar and Delicious Food, Plus the Best Crew

Are you looking for an unforgettable experience exploring remote islands and secluded beaches with a private catamaran sailing charter? Then Guanacaste in Costa Rica is the perfect destination. Experience the best of the outdoors – snorkeling, paddle boarding and open bar on board – plus delicious food prepared with fresh ingredients and served with a friendly smile by some of the best crew in the business.

Guanacaste’s coastline is known as one of the most beautiful in Central America. It’s dotted with rocky reefs, hidden coves and magnificent islets that are ideal for relaxing or exploring on your own private catamaran sailing charter. If you’re looking to get away from it all, this is definitely the place to do it. You’ll have access to remote waterfalls, pristine white sand beaches like Playa Negra, and some of the country’s most diverse marine life including turtles, dolphins and other aquatic animals.

With a knowledgeable captain at your service, you can enjoy a stress-free day as you sail along Costa Rica’s stunning coastline. Your captain can show you some of Guanacaste’s best spots such as Isla Chora or San Juanillo Bay where you can go swimming or kayaking around its tranquil waters. Or simply kick back with a cool drink from the open bar on board as you take in all nature has to offer. And don’t forget about snorkeling! Whether it’s underwater caves or colorful coral reefs filled with tropical fish, there are plenty of places to explore below the surface that will leave your jaw on the floor.

On top of all these activities during your private catamaran sailing charter in Guanacaste, you’ll be served delicious meals prepared using fresh local ingredients each day. Plus a full selection of drinks such as beer, wine or cocktails if desired (just be sure not to drink too much before snorkeling!). The best part is that it all comes with service provided by some of the most experienced and friendly crew members in Costa Rica who know exactly what their guests need to make their trip extra special – whether it’s organizing shore excursions since they know all of Guanacaste’s hidden gems or simply taking care of any requests made by guests while out on their journey.

So if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience enjoying some of Guanacaste’s most beautiful scenery while indulging in delicious food and drinks (plus lots of fun activities) then book yourself a private catamaran sailing charter today! Not only will you have access to secluded beaches and get up close with Mother Nature; but you’ll also have one incredible time surrounded by amazing people who will ensure everything runs smoothly so that your vacation is filled with nothing but memories that last forever.



Catamaran Sailing Charters – Liberia, Guanacaste Costa Rica

Go Sailing from Liberua, Guabacaste – Costa Rica catamarán Sailing

Sailing on a private sailing catamaran when visiting Liberia is undoubtedly one of the most memorable activities in Guanacaste.Guanacaste is the province famous for the beauty of its beaches, dramatic coastline, hidden coves and small remote and natural beaches hidden behind miles of cliffs. The dry tropical forests, reefs and blue sea create the perfect backdrop for a prime maritime experience in beautiful Guanacaste.

Sailing Liberia Guanacaste

Liberia, Guanacaste

Liberia is not only the capital of the province of Guanacaste, but also where the international airport is located.
While it is true that Liberia itself as a city has no beaches, there are several popular beaches nearby, such as Papagayo, El Coco, Ocotal and Playa Hermosa, as well as renowned hotels such as El Mangroove, Four Seasons Papagayo, Andaz Papagayo Resort, Secrets Papagayo and several other hotels.
That is why even if you are staying in Liberia, there is a good possibility to book the private sailing catamaran tour with us.

Snorkeling near Liberia Guanacaste

All our catamaran charters depart from several beaches in the area near Liberia, among them:

– Playa Panama or El Mangroove
– Papagayo Peninsula
– Papagayo Gulf
– Hermosa Beach
– El Coco
– Ocotal
– Matapalo Beach

We also pick you up directly in front of each of the following hotels:

– Four Seasons
– Andaz Resort
– Secrets Papagayo
– The Mangroove
– Playa Hermosa Bosque del Mar
– Riu Palace
– Riu Guanacaste
– Exclusive Resorts

Our private tours are conducted on the best sailing catamarans in the region, and all sailing tours include open bar, light meals, snorkeling, paddle boarding as well as a very focused script in the most beautiful, pristine, natural and remote areas of the area, such as remote beaches, coves, bays, islets and rock reefs, where guests can swim in the sea, snorkeling or paddle boarding.

Tours we offer:

– Half day tour in the morning from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.
– Half day tour in the afternoon or sunset from 2 to 6 pm
– Full day tour from 10 am to 6 pm

To book a private charter on our sailing catamaran, please let us know the date, the number of people as well as the hotel in the area to pick you up.



Liberia, Guanacaste Catamaran Sailing – Guanacaste Private Charters

Liberia Guanacaste Sailing  – Private catamaran charters

We offer private catamaran sailing charters for those staying in Liberia, Guanacaste.

Sailing Liberia, Guanacaste

Although the closest beach to Liberia is El Coco, Hermosa, Panama or Ocotal, it is a short drive from Liberia.

Our tours are 100 private , and they include:

  • Real sailing to secluded remote and natural coastline along the Papagayo Peninsula in Guanacaste
  • Snorkeling
  • Paddle boarding
  • Open bar
  • Food items

Private sailing from Liberia

  • Half day morning sailing charter
  • Private catamaran sunset charter
  • Full day catamaran sailing

Sailing from Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s lush tropical landscape awaits you on a private Catamaran sailing from  Liberia Guanacaste. Set sail on the sparkling blue waters with its sunshine and secluded beaches. The tranquil experience allows one to take in the magnificent surroundings while understanding what it means to be truly isolated from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Sailing charters Liberia Guanacaste, Costa Rica

From exploring hidden coves, snorkeling amongst rocky reefs, or partaking in some fishing—the opportunities are endless! Get away from it all in an extraordinary setting aboard a catamaran sailing day trip in Liberia guanacaste: for an adventure out at sea that will remain etched memories for years to come.

Private sailing charters from Liberia

Guanacaste is the perfect place for a private sailing adventure. Whether you’re traveling as a group or solo, private sailing charters are the ideal way to explore some of the region’s most secluded beaches and coves.

Take in all the breathtaking views from the comfort of your private sailboat and spend your days snorkeling, paddle boarding, or simply relaxing on a stunning beach. With private sailing charter options available throughout Guanacaste in Costa Rica, it’s never been easier to plan an unforgettable excursion.

Langosta Beach Sailing – Guanacaste Private Charters

Private catamaran sailing Langosta Beach

Private Sailing for clients staying at Playa Langosta Beach, in Guanacaste.

Our company Sailing Guanacaste, has been operating private catamaran sailing charters in Guanacaste for over 15 years.

Langostas Beach Sailing

We only operate the best catamarans and sailboats, and we also only offer private charters, no public or open tours.

All our trips include open bar, snacks and meals according to the charter, snorkeling, paddle boards and visiting beautiful pristine and natural sites along the coastline.

Private morning charter

The private morning charter leaves at 8 30 am and returns by 12 30. These four hours of real sailing and nature exploration include sailing to secluded places, swimming in the ocean, snorkeling and paddle boarding near rocky reefs of beautiful beaches.

It also includes music Soundsystem, open bar, fishing rods, food items and a great service oriented crew, knowledgeable and friendly.

Catamaran Sailboat

Sunset sailing charter

The sunset sailing charter is the most popular trip from Langosta, because people get to see the sunset from onboard the catamaran.

Like the morning half day, it includes snorkeling near a rocky reef or pinnacles, visiting secluded and beautiful natural sites along the Guanacaste coast, paddle boards, open bar, food and fishing rods for trolling.

Watching the sunset from onboard while enjoying a delicious cocktail is definitely an unforgettable way of experiencing the Guanacaste beauty.

Full Day catamaran sailing charter


The Full Day sailing charter is all about a real ocean sailing adventure. 8 hours of sailing, paddle boarding, getting far away from the civilization to more natural and beautiful places, including coves, bays or beaches.

During these 8 hours you will also be served a full lunch, as well as light food items and great service on behalf of the crew.

Activities included in the Full Day charter include snorkeling, paddle boards, fishing rods, and in some cases kayaks.


Catamaran charters include

– Drinks and meals

– Snorkeling, paddle boards and fishing rods.

– Visit natural, remote and beautiful sites.

– Watching the sunset while enjoying a delicious cocktail onboard.

Characteristics of the tour:

Langosta Beach, adjoining Tamarindo, is a beach where we cannot pick clients up from the beach, because of strong waves and rocky conditions.

Therefore, we depart from the Flamingo Marina, a short drive away, and in case you have transportation, you can transport yourselves to the marina, where there is parking and safety, or we can also add transportation at an extra fee.


Charter includes:

  • Best catamarans and great crew and service
  • Open bar and food accordingly
  • Snorkeling,  paddle boards, fishing rods
  • Visiting beautiful natural spots in a real private sailing trip
  • Full BBQ lunch during the Full Day Charters

Langosta Beach

Playa Langosta Beach is located just 5 minutes south of Tamarindo, in Central Guanacaste.

There are several smaller and larger hotels, vacation rentals, villas and luxury residences for rentals.

Like Tamarindo, Langosta is an extremely beautiful beach, with abundant nature and sandy patches mingled into rocky parts, creating a very interesting and beautiful scenery.

Papagayo Sunset Catamaran Sailing – Private Charters

Papagayo Sunset  Sailing Charter

Private Sunset Sailing from Papagayo and  catamaran sailing charters from Papagayo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Papagayo Sunset Sailing

Sailing Guanacaste has been operating the best private catamaran sailing charters in Papagayo and Guanacaste, and one of the most popular trips is the private sunset sailing charter, which takes clients on a 4 hour sailing journey through the waters of the Gulf and the Peninsula.

While we serve great service, including drinks, food, snorkeling gear, paddle boards and food items, we go beyond the typical party boat scene, since we always try to offer a real high quality sailing trip and showing clients the natural beauty of the Papagayo Peninsula.

The tour departs from the beach at most hotels in Papagayo and returns just after the sunset, at around 6 PM in the afternoon. Actually, watching or taking photos of the amazing sunsets is one of the main highlights of the catamaran sunset cruise.

Papagayo Catamaran Charter

The sunset charter tour includes:

– Drinks and meals

– Snorkeling, paddle boards and fishing rods.

– Visit natural, remote and beautiful sites.

– Watching the sunset while enjoying a delicious cocktail onboard.

Characteristics of the tour:

The sunset sailing charter is a 4 hour nature focused sailing trip, during which you will enjoy open bar, food items, great service on a beautiful catamaran. You will also be able to enjoy the amazing sunsets that normally happen in the Papagayo Peninsula and the Gulf of Papagayo.

Itinerary of the private charter:

The sunset private charter departs from the beach as 2 PM and returns at 6 PM.

Charter includes:

  • Best catamarans and great crew and service
  • Open bar and food accordingly
  • Snorkeling,  paddle boards, fishing rods
  • Visiting beautiful natural spots in a real private sailing trip

Pick up included:

Four Seasons Papagayo

Andaz Papagayo

Peninsula Papagayo

Papagayo Luxury

 El Mangroove Papagayo

Exclusive Resorts

Secrets Papagayo

Planet Hollywood Papagayo

All hotels in Papagayo