Sailing Dreams Las Mareas

Sailing charters from Dreamas Las Mareas

Our private catamaran sailing charters departing from the beach at Dreams Las Mareas, depart daily with half day morning charters and full day private catamaran trips.

Half Day Morning

The northern part of Guanacaste, Bahia Salinas, Cuajiniquil, Peninsula Santa Elena and Santa Rosa National Park are among the few regions in the province that are absolutely secluded, natural.

One can still find abundant secluded beaches

The main highlights in this area include Isla Bolañas Islands, Bahia Salinas with Nicaragua`s Coast on its other side ( North ), the beaches of El Jobo, Rajada and other, the Murcielago Islands, Santa Elena Peninsula ( Playa Blanca, Bahia Santa Elena, Murcielago Islands ).

We offer a the pick up included at El Jobo ( Dreams Las Mareas ) or any hotel in the Bahia Salinas sector or Cuajiniquil. During the morning trip, you will enjoy fantastic scenery, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, or the pleasure of quietness while sailing through the blue Pacific Ocean.

Suggested departure: 8 AM with return around noon. Scuba Diving can also be arranged with extra charge upon request.

Sunset Tour

Depart at 1 :30 and head to the open blue Pacific Ocean.

Watch the coast behind you fade away as you sail into deeper waters

Sunset Sailing Dreams Las Mareas

Admire the beauty of the abrupt coastline of Guanacaste, the contrast between tropical dry and the blue of the sea.

Discover the beauty of the marine wildlife, snorkel in excellent dive sites, go sea kayaking, or paddle boarding, swim in the refreshing water, or simply rest onboard on the deck or inside the comfortable salon.

The tour includes abundant drinks, water, juice, sodas, beer and liquor, fruits, snacks and all the snorkeling equipment in various sizes.

At around 5 : 30 everyone should be on deck to full enjoy the magical spectacle of the sunset, before returning back to the hotel.

Full Day Sailing

Dreams Las Mareas, the perfect starting point to full explore the most remote, beautiful and unspoiled area of Guanacaste.

The main highlights include the Murcielago Islands, the coast of the Santa Rosa National Park, a stop at Bahia Santa Elena, for some of the best snorkeling in the entire country, making specific stops at one of the several secluded and uninhabited beaches, for the enjoyment of swimming, resting, paddle boarding or snorkeling some more.

Explore the region south ( Santa Rosa National Park, Witch`s Rock, Murcielago Islands ) or the region North ( Bahia Santa Elena, Isla Bolaños ) or spend plenty of time enjoying a BBQ lunch at one of the many secrete hidden beaches we know of.

Dreams Las Mareas Beach Hotel is located on the beach South of Bahia Salinas, at Playa El Jobo Beach. This magnificent beach hotel offers the maximum in luxury and first class facilities and services.

This pristine area is remote, natural, some highlight we recommend for the morning tour include Isla Bolaños islands, the windy Bahia Salinas ( with Nicaragua on the other side ) or heading South, passed Cuajiniquil Bay and heading to the Murcielago Islands, in front of Santa Rosa National Park.

Tour details

Price: From 1500 U$

Contact us for a quote

  • PLEASE INDICATE THE NAME OF THE HOTEL or BEACH you wold like to get picked up since RATES and DETAILS change a little bit depending on that information.


  • Snorkeling gear, drinks ( alcoholic beverages and liquors, beersm, sodas, juice, water ), snacks ( chips and dips, sandwiches, other snacks, fresh cut fruit ), free use of kayaks or paddle boards ( please inquire before !!!! ) The full day private tour also includes a full BBQ LUNCH on a secluded beach. Depending on the boat, it also includes Chicken Brochettes, Rice Salad, even Shrimps.


  • Daily departures. Please advice a few days in advance the latest. During the High Season advanced reservations are suggested ( not required )
  • Morning Departure: 8 – 12 Noon
  • Sunset Sailing: 2 – 6 PM
  • Full Day: 10 – 6 PM