Private half day sailing tours or full day sailing charters ?

Differences between the morning half day, sunset half day sailing and the full day sailing tour ?

One of the most frequent questions we are asked by our clients is : Which is the best tour, the 4 hours morning tour, the 4 hours sunset tour in the afternoon or the full day tour which goes from 10 am to 6 pm and which includes lunch on a private beach ?

Papagayo Sailing
Papagayo Peninsula

The answer to this question is quite simple, as it depends on each client’s expectations, tastes, time available and interest in a specific activity.

For help in answering this question, please read the following paragraphs.
First of all, all three tours include the same to some extent. In all cases, the tours always include open bar, light food (sandwiches, chips, dips, burritos, fresh fruit, Guacamole and ground beans, chicken skewers to cold salads. Each boat varies slightly in the menu but there is always food during the tours, from the half day tour to the full day tour.

Catamaran Sailing in the morning
ElSoul o Alma Pacifica es un catamaran de vela fantastico.

Also, all tours include the open bar, which includes good quality national brand alcoholic beverages, including Vodka, Rum, Whiskey, Gin, Beer. Clearly there are also fruit juices, water and soft drinks.
As for the activities, they are also the same. All tours include snorkeling, and depending on the boat, but not the tour schedule, also paddle boards and in some cases sea kayaks.

So what is the difference?

Taking into account that there is a base where all tours include the same, there is a clear difference between the full day tour and the two half day tours, the morning and the afternoon.

The big difference on the one hand is clearly the schedule. Since the full day tour departs at 10 am and returns at 6 am, it is double the time, which means that the people on board have twice as much time to enjoy any of the attractions or destinations they want to visit during the tour, be it the pristine beaches, snorkeling, resting on board, sleeping on the beach or sunbathing on a remote beach.

Sailing and whale watching
Humpback whale

The second difference is that the full day tour, in addition to everything that all tours include, also includes a BBQ style lunch on a remote beach. This is a delicious, complete and very hearty lunch, with meats, vegetables, tortillas, chicken and other items that are cooked on the grill.

A difference between the morning half-day tour and the afternoon tour

Snorkeling during a private sailing charter

Between the two half-day tours, there are also two differences. The first difference is the schedule (some people don’t like to wake up early), and because of this, people who book the afternoon tour can watch the sunset from on board the boat.

Another difference may be that the morning tour usually enjoys a nicer and cooler climate, since as you move towards the midday sun, you are already returning to port. And the morning hours can usually be a little better for seeing marine wildlife, such as turtles, certain birds and so on.