Conchal Beach, Guanacaste Costa Rica

Conchal is one of the most beautiful beaches in the province of Guanacaste

Conchal Beach, literally meaning ( a bunch of shells ), is one of the most beautiful and therefore known white sand beaches in Guanacaste.

It is located in in the canton of Santa Cruz, and its name comes from the fact that in its middle section, its sand is actually not sand as we know in most beaches, but rather millions of small, rounded pieces of shells, hence its name.

This characteristic also makes it a beach where snorkeling can be extremely good, since even with some waves and currents, the smaller pieces of shell do not affect the water visibility.

It is also quite common to see spectacular turquoise and blue and emerald – green waters in Conchal, which, combined with the crystal-clear water, makes it a very solicited beach destination.

Best spots in Conchal

The most amazing section of the beach is a little left of the Westin Conchal Hotel, until around 800 yards before reaching its southern end, near a small coastal village called Puerto Viejo de Conchal. That is where the most amazing sections of “ sand “ can be found.


Also, because of the two main hotel developments on the beach, W Hotel and Westin Conchal, the developers committed to conservation, and therefore, the vast majority of the beach is surrounded by tropical dry forests to the backside, which makes the beach even more appealing.

The main way of reaching the beach is either through its southern end, at the village called Puerto Viejo, or from Brasilito, in which case the car only gets to Brasilito Beach´s southern end. From there, you need to walk.

Of course, if you are a  guest at the W Hotel or Westin, you have direct access directly from the resorts.