Flamingo Sunset Sailing – Guanacaste Catamaran Charters

Flamingo Sunset Sailing

Sunset catamaran cruise from Flamingo Guanacaste

Flamingo Sunset Sailing

A 4-hour private sunset catamaran sailing charter departing from Flamingo Beach in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, with the mentioned inclusions sounds like a fantastic and well-rounded experience. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what guests might expect during this adventure:

1. Departure from Flamingo Beach:

  • The charter begins in the late afternoon from the beautiful Flamingo Beach, providing a stunning starting point for the sunset cruise.

2. Private Catamaran and Crew:

  • Guests will have exclusive use of a high-quality catamaran, ensuring a comfortable and spacious environment. A professional and friendly crew will be onboard to assist and guide throughout the journey.

3. Sail Along the Coast:

  • The catamaran sets sail along the picturesque Guanacaste coastline, offering panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding landscape.

4. Snorkeling:

  • Drop anchor at a prime snorkeling spot. Guests can explore the underwater world, discovering the vibrant marine life of the Pacific.

5. Paddle Boarding and Kayaking:

  • Paddleboarding and kayaking equipment are available for guests to enjoy water activities. This adds an element of adventure and fun to the experience.

6. Fishing:

  • Fishing rods are provided for those interested in trying their hand at fishing during the cruise. The crew can offer guidance for beginners.

7. Sailing to a Pristine Beach:

  • The catamaran embarks on a real sailing journey to a pristine and secluded beach. This provides an opportunity for guests to explore and relax on the untouched shores.

8. Sunset Viewing:

  • The catamaran will anchor in a strategic location to allow guests to witness the breathtaking sunset over the Pacific Ocean. The changing colors of the sky create a magical atmosphere.

9. Gourmet Cuisine:

  • Indulge in a delectable onboard meal featuring local cuisine and fresh ingredients. The private setting allows for a customized dining experience.

10. Open Bar: – An open bar is available throughout the cruise, offering a variety of beverages, including tropical cocktails, local drinks, and refreshments.

11. Relaxation and Entertainment:

  • Guests can relax on the catamaran’s spacious deck, enjoying the sea breeze and the sounds of the ocean. The crew may provide entertainment, such as music.

12. Return to Flamingo Beach:

  • After the sunset experience and beach visit, the catamaran makes its way back to Flamingo Beach, concluding the memorable 4-hour charter.

This comprehensive package ensures that guests can enjoy a mix of water activities, relaxation, and natural beauty during their private sunset catamaran sailing adventure from Flamingo Beach in Guanacaste.

Our private sunset charter departs from Flamingo, specifically the BEACH HOUSE or Flamingo Marina.

During these 4 hours of pleasant sailing on the catamaran, we will show you the most natural and pristine coastline along the coast, north of Flamingo.