Sailing JW Marriott Guanacaste

Half Day Morning

The morning 4 hour tour leaves shore at 8 AM and head to open water.

Enjoy sailing along with the fresh ocean breeze, watch occasional dolphins jumping, perhaps even whales when it is seasons, or some sea turtles.

The tour also includes a stop in a special site for snorkeling. There, we can also take out the ocean kayaks, or do some paddle boarding around the boat if you like.

Food includes Guacamole, Pico de Gallo, chips, tortillas, Burritos or Sandwiches. After plenty of time swimming in the ocean, resting near a secluded beach, we will commence the journey back.

Trip also includes plenty of drinks, sodas, beers, alcoholic drinks and cocktails, fresh fruit. A perfect private sailing trip. Departures daily. Please advice in advance if possible.

Sunset Tour

Come with us and enjoy the fantastic colorful sunsets that are traditional in Guanacaste.

This 4 hour trip starts at 1 30 pm. Until the sun sets, you will enjoy the fresh breeze while sailing near beautiful sites, rocky pinnacles, islets, beaches or watch the entire coastline from a far distance.

Snorkeling at a special snorkeling site is also included. You can also hop on one of the Ocean Kayaks and explore more.

Some boats carry paddle boards. Great food is also included, Burritos, some sandwiches, fresh fruit, chips and dips, sodas, beer, alcohol, fruit juices.

When the time has come, everybody on deck and enjoy the orange, red, pink, purple, blue colors of the sunset while the sun rapidly set hiding under the Horizon.

Pick up and return from the hotel included. Full day trips are also available.

Full Day Sailing

Start at around 9 AM in the morning.

After the departure, we will commence our full day sailing trip, discovering the beauty of the coast in Guanacaste and the Pacific Ocean.

The adventure combines free sailing through the sea with stops at rocky reefs and secluded beaches for snorkeling, ocean kayaking and if requested also paddle boards.

It does not matter if you are an Expert or Beginner, you will be able to enjoy none the less.

Food onboard includes delicious snacks, like chips, mole and Pico de Gallo, sandwiches or Burritos and a full lunch. Drinks included are beer, cold sodas, bottled water, alcoholic drinks and cocktails.

After enjoy sailing for miles, admiring the scenery, sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling, we will all enjoy the sunset from onboard the boat. Late afternoon evening return ( after sunset ). Different boats available.

If you are looking for a private sailing tour, one during which you can occasionally spot dolphins, humpback whales, do some excellent snorkeling, enjoy paddle boarding or ocean kayaking and explore secluded beaches and swim near pristine beaches then we can offer that.

All our private tours include unlimited snacks, fruit, juices, sodas, beers, liquors ( local Rum, Guaro and other drinks ); fine drinks also available upon request.

Book the half day ( 4 hour tour ) trip or the half day afternoon sunset tour. We also do full day adventures, 8 – 9 hours of sailing along the coast, to secluded beaches, around rocky pinnacles and islets or specific destinations.

Tour details

Price: From 750 U$

Contact us for a quote

  • PLEASE INDICATE THE NAME OF THE HOTEL or BEACH you wold like to get picked up since RATES and DETAILS change a little bit depending on that information.


  • Snorkeling gear, drinks ( alcoholic beverages and liquors, beersm, sodas, juice, water ), snacks ( chips and dips, sandwiches, other snacks, fresh cut fruit ), free use of kayaks or paddle boards ( please inquire before !!!! ) The full day private tour also includes a full BBQ LUNCH on a secluded beach. Depending on the boat, it also includes Chicken Brochettes, Rice Salad, even Shrimps.


  • Daily departures. Please advice a few days in advance the latest. During the High Season advanced reservations are suggested ( not required )
  • Morning Departure: 8 – 12 Noon
  • Sunset Sailing: 2 – 6 PM
  • Full Day: 10 – 6 PM