Potrero Snorkeling Tour

Private snorkeling tour – Potrero , Costa Rica

While Potrero Beach is a nice long sandy beach, it offers few spots for snorkeling. Therefore, you can book our private snorkeling tour leaving from the Flamingo Marina, a close 5 minute drive from Potrero.

Our tour will take you to rocky reefs, small white sand beaches surrounded by rocky pinnacles and reefs with a good visibility and therefore, full of tropical marine wildlife, including coral fish, eels, rays and even sharks.

The Seahorse Snorkeling Boat

The boat is called the Seahorse, and it is a large and modern snorkeling boat. The inflatable boat comes with a large shaded area, comfortable seating, specific gear and equipment for snorkeling and diving.

The boat, although an inflatable boat, comes with a hard bottom, which enhances the experience.

It also comes with the best equipment for security and safety and powerful engines will make the trip o the snorkeling site much shorter.

The experience

Our snorkeling will provide you with a fun ocean experience, during which you will visit the best available snorkeling sites along the coast, including places like Playa Amor, Playa Plata, Dantita and several other beaches.

Our staff will always look for the very best snorkeling site, with the largest amount of fish and sea creatures and also the best visibility.

The tour also includes a refreshment stop with water and some fruit. The gear is also included, from all sizes fins, masks and snorkels. All the gear is modern, clean and very well kept, thereby ensuing the best experience possible.

Species you might encounter during the tour include: Angel fish, Puffer FISH, moray eels, rays, colorful surgeon, lip fish , butterfly fish, perhaps even sea turtles and nurse and white tip reef sharks.

The bottom along the Pacific of Costa Rica is mainly made from rocky pinnacles and lots of rocky reefs with some caverns and also occasional corals.


In order to book, please indicate:::

  • Number of people ( In case there are children please indicate the age )
  • Date
  • Place where you are staying at. In case you are at another beach, we can provide transportation for a low fee in case you do not have your own transportation.

Hotels we serve:::

In case of Potrero, we can offer transportation from the hotel or accommodation in Potrero to the Flamingo Marina, which is where we depart from.

In case you require round trip transportation, please let us know and we can arrange for an extra fee.