Flamingo Beach, Guanacaste Costa Rica

Flamingo Beach, Guanacaste

The beautiful Flamingo beach, in the canton of Santa Cruz, Guanacaste, is one of the most beautiful beaches for beach vacations in the area.

Flamingo Beach

It is known for its white sand, gentle sea (sometimes with a medium swell) as well as for its many rock formations, ideal sites for snorkeling.

One of the best snorkeling sites is at the southern end of the beach, and on a day with no swell, visibility can be surprisingly good.

It was one of the first beaches to be developed for real estate investors, including foreigners as well as locals.

Luxury ocean view homes are abundant along the beach, however, it is not yet an overdeveloped area, basically because behind the beach, and the line of coconut palms, there is an extensive evergreen mangrove swamp, which is protected by law.

In the northern part, where Flamingo meets Playa Potrero, there is an extensive marina, and a small peninsula with condominiums and luxury homes overlooking the sea.

At the tip of that small peninsula, there is a beautiful island, called Isla Plata, which is totally uninhabited and is an excellent snorkeling site as well.

Flamingo Marina

This marina is perhaps the best marina in the North Pacific and the entire Guanacaste region, and will have more and more lodging establishments, such as condos and hotels nearby.

It is also a site where many of the sailboats and yachts that offer private tours in the area are anchored, which can be rented for half or full days, some even for multi-day trips.