Conchal Snorkeling Tour

Private snorkeling tour – Conchal , Costa Rica

Playa Conchal is a beautiful beach of small white shells located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Our company offers guests staying there the opportunity to visit other nearby sites for a memorable snorkeling experience. Among the destinations we can visit are the Catalina Islands as well as other alternate destinations along the coast. We will always look for the best snorkeling spots in the area.

We offer a private snorkeling tour departing from Conchal. The tour lasts approximately 4 hours, and includes all necessary equipment (fins, snorkels and masks) of various sizes.

All the equipment on the boat is well maintained, and together with our knowledgeable, professional and friendly staff, we will do our best to take you to the site with the best possible visibility and where there are the most opportunities to see fish and other marine life.

The boat

Our boat, the Seahorse, is an ideal boat for snorkeling tours, as it was designed for scuba diving.

It is a hard bottom inflatable boat which has powerful engines and all the necessary equipment to get you to the site faster, more comfortably and safely.

The gear

The Seahorse is equipped with all the necessary technology to make the tour not only safe, but also comfortable.

In addition, all snorkeling equipment, masks, snorkels and fins are of excellent quality and are constantly maintained.

It is important that you please let us know the size of your shoes, especially if you have large feet. In this way, we make sure that during the snorkeling you feel comfortable and can live the best experience.

The experience

If you want to get away from the hotel environment, and get away from the coast and visit remote places to have a natural experience, then our tour will surely please you. The visibility in GAUANACSTE, especially during some months of the year, is quite impressive.

In addition, Costa Rica is famous for the large, healthy and numerous marine wildlife populations that are still to be found, especially in the more pristine sites we visit.

Visibility is often not as impressive as it is in the Caribbean, or the Maldives, or the Mediterranean, but nevertheless, it is usually good to very good.

What makes Costa Rica and its snorkeling stand out is that the bottom is usually rocky reefs, with some coral, but with an impressive amount of large animals to be seen.


In order to book, please indicate:::

  • Number of people ( In case there are children please indicate the age )
  • Date
  • Place where you are staying at. In case you are at another beach, we can provide transportation for a low fee in case you do not have your own transportation.

Hotels we serve:::

In Playa Conchal, we work with all the hotels in the area, including the W Hotel Conchal, the Westin Playa Conchal hotel as well as other hotels, rental homes, luxury villas and residences in the area or in the surrounding area