Flamingo Snorkeling Tour

Private snorkeling tour – Flamingo, Costa Rica

Book our private  snorkeling tour from Flamingo Beach, Guanacaste, Costa Rica !

Seahorse is the ideal boat for an unforgettable snorkeling experience in Guanacaste. We specialize in private trips, which enhances the experience further.

Our main goal is to reach the Catalina Islands, however, in case the conditions are better elsewhere, the trip can take you elsewhere also.

Our crew will always indicate which site is best as far as the best visibility and the best chance to see underwater wildlife.

The boat is anchored d in Flamingo Beach, and it is totally equipped with all the necessary snorkeling gear for a great 4 hour private trip.

The boat

The Seahorse is an inflatable hard bottom speedboat equipped with all the necessary equipment for an ocean experience. The boat comes with Radio, emergency pump, safety wests, emergency equipment and all the necessary for a fun and amazing underwater experience.

The gear

The Seahorse carries a well-kept and modern collection of masks, fins and snorkels. Fins of various sizes can fit children all the way to adults.

The experience

Our staff is friendly, professional and knowledgeable. The crew has abundant experience in both snorkeling and scuba diving, and thereby, knows a lot about species encountered, safety procedures and the best snorkeling spots along the coast.

How is snorkeling from Flamingo, Guanacaste ?

Snorkeling in general in Costa Rica is different from some famous dive and snorkel destinations, such as the Caribbean, the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean or the Mediterranean.

The visibility might not be as good, yet still good to very good. When it comes to wildlife, Costa Rica offers the chance to see large animals, including rays, moray eels, large schools of fish, sharks ( white tip reef sharks and nurse sharks ), corals, sea turtles and many colorful coral fish ( Surgeon, Diamond, Angels )


In order to book, please indicate:::

  • Number of people ( In case there are children please indicate the age )
  • Date
  • Place where you are staying at. In case you are at another beach, we can provide transportation for a low fee in case you do not have your own transportation.

Hotels we serve:::

We serve all the hotels in Flamingo, including  Margaritaville Flamingo Beach, The Palms Flamingo, Flamingo Marina and all the vacation rentals, houses, residences and luxury villas located in or around Flamingo.